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The full wireless desktop experience

Our ScanSource Endpoint Experience Kits now have new wireless functionality! The Avaya J100 Wireless Module provides WLAN connectivity for the J129 and J179 Series Open SIP IP Phones, and Bluetooth connectivity for the J179 IP Phone. Great for office places or retail spaces where traditional, wired internet isn't supported. Key features include: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, multiple SSID, enterprise-grade security, and advanced Bluetooth features on the J179 (10-meter range, hands-free and headset profile settings, and support for up to seven-handset pairing).

Want to learn more about our FREE, 30-day Wireless Endpoint Experience Kit, which comes with everything you need to demo key features with your existing customers and prospects? Email or call 800.944.2432. Or, if you're ready, simply fill out our demo loaner application below: