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Delivering solutions that work in the real world. Introducing Smart Campus. Now Available from ScanSource.

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The Challenge: In an emergency, clear and timely communication is often critical to mitigating risk and preventing mass chaos. In a school or campus setting, this can mean a difference in valuable response time—which can save lives.

The Solution: ScanSource’s Smart Campus solution streamlines communication in a time-sensitive situation, allowing emergency response teams to identify the exact location of the emergency, while students, staff, and families receive real-time emergency updates and instructions on their smart devices. And for added security, Smart Campus also proactively monitors and regulates visitors and secures students—instead of being an emergency-response-only solution.

How It Works:

  • Avaya IP Office at the core offers reliable collaboration paths and proven workflows
  • Extreme ensures network optimization of mission-critical communications
  • Axis Network Cameras delivers real-time, HD-quality views in the campus environment
  • Algo IoT endpoints provide voice paging, alerting, notification, bell scheduling, and security intercom solutions
  • 911 Secure Emergency Location Management Solutions provide reliable alerts and targeted call locations
Demo Smart Campus Today: Contact us to learn more about our FREE, 30-day Smart Campus Experience Kit, which comes with everything you need to demo key Smart Campus features with your existing customers and prospects. Email or call 800.944.2432 to get started!